Effective Chewing Gum Removal

in Wimborne Minster

Chewing gum is the new graffiti. It's unsightly and when allowed to accumulate creates a dirty atmosphere to the entrances of many retail outlets. It is a curse when walked indoors on your carpets and it detracts from the otherwise welcoming appearance. At Graffiti Doctor, we offer spot cleaning, which just focuses on the gum, as well as full cleaning services for the entire area. Call us, in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, to brighten up your area with our chewing gum removal and cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

The accumulation of chewing gum appears to be everywhere. Graffiti Doctor regularly removes gum and can also provide a protective coating 'Go-Gum'. This is gum- and dirt-resistant, non-slip, vapour-permeable, colourless, and hard-wearing. Once applied, chewing gum can be removed with the aid of a stiff broom. Once again, this reduces maintenance costs.

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