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Our unique non-stick clear coating Wash-Away-Graffiti (W-A-G) allows graffiti to be washed away completely with a domestic pressure washer, a wet rag, or a sponge. These anti-graffiti coatings are ideal for buildings that have been heavily targeted or for those that want added protection. Based in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, Graffiti Doctor provides this unique building coating to all.

Excellent Coatings

Unlike other coatings, this is a permanent addition that isn’t washed away by cleaning services. It is hard wearing, easily repairable if damaged, and is guaranteed for 5 years. This coating is used extensively by councils on highway structures and subways which are regularly attacked.

The major benefit with this coating is once the area has been protected, you should no longer require our services. For example, your normal cleaning teams i.e. litter pickers, can now incorporate graffiti removal in their normal everyday duties by arming them with a bucket and sponge!

Graffiti removal in these areas can now be absorbed within your current budget, eliminating the requirement for repeat cleaning costs. There is no requirement for the aid of chemicals in the removal of the graffiti, so there is no risk to the public, the operatives, or the environment.

Sacrificial Coatings

Sacrificial coatings are used on delicate stonework to aid in the removal of graffiti and prevent damage on these surfaces by repeated cleaning. Once the surface has been protected by the sacrificial wax coating, it can be cleaned with the aid of steam, which dissolves the graffiti along with coating. The coating must then be reapplied to the area cleaned.

These works should only be carried out by us, as this is not a self-maintenance product. This coating's primary function is to prevent the graffiti permeating deep into the stone. This coating is an invisible coating and recommended for the protection of buildings of historical interest and listed buildings.

Permanent Coatings

There are many permanent coatings within the industry. These are visible and are primarily used on brickwork. Once the area has been protected, graffiti can be removed by means of your normal DIY graffiti removal products. Your maintenance staff can now carry out these works. This coating is visible. The benefit of this coating is it allows you to remove your graffiti at a minimal cost. We feel this coating has now been proceeded with the W-A-G, it is however still available to our customers as it is cost effective.

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